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Naga New Year Festival (12-16th January 2007)
Naga Festival Book
Naga Festival Book

Published by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in collaboration with S.S.T Tourism Co., Ltd.

Naga Books
* The Naga Tribes

Cornelian is valued, and the golden yellow color stone bead is as expressed by one Naga woman, "the gold of the Nagas".

* Getting There

"Khamti, Lahe, Lashee and Htamanthi are the largest towns and villages in Naga territory".

* Pre-Festival Celebrations

Before leaving their villages for the festival, tribes get into festival mood by having mini- celebrations in their own village"

Naga Books

* Accommodations

"Though rustic, housing is comfortable and clean".

* Family Affair

"While the Naga festival centers on adult activities".

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* Tattoos

"Certain tattoos also denote power and protection".

Naga Books

* Crafts

" The Nagas are a creative, talented people who still practicethe art of handicrafting much of their ecessities".

* Music and Dance

" A modern Naga dance subject is Unity".

* Other Events

"Booths display a variety of Naga items and activities".

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* Totems

" Naga totem symbols are steeped in history".

Naga Books

* Grand Finale

" The grand finale happens at dusk when an enormous bonfire constructed of trees is lit".

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Off the Beaten Path Guide to Myanmar Shrines and Monuments
By Brenda Davidson Shaddox
Published by S.S.T Tourism Co., Ltd.
This book is a guide to lesser known shrines and monuments, out of the way places in Myanmar.

Our goal is to make visitors aware that in addition to the popular and important monuments and shrine, there
are numerous unpublicized points of interest for the adventure some traveler".

"... An impressive cluster of Buddha carved into the limestone cliffs, Phowin Taungmay be one of the best
kept secrets in country".

"Once inside the park, one finds the Alaungdaw Kathapa Shrine swhere a monk is buried inside a bat occupied cave".

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