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Naga New Year Festival (12-16th January 2007)
An Interesting Naga Land
nagawomanNaga Land is at the westen side of Chindwin river, Homalin Township for lower part and Namyoon Township for northe east part. There are (4) township in Naga Land called Leshi, Lehe, Nanyoon & Khamti; Saramati, Pakkwei & Naga mountains are famous. The population in Leshi is round about 30, 000 living in spread type. Tagun Naga have two tribe, So-me & Kuki. They have multi language among the villages but their common language is Manipul.

African Zooloos & Naga look quite similar in wearing the loin cloths. They take pride to live freely of their empty rump. They don't wear slipper or shoes, when they get the insurt of thorn their sole of foot, they have to pickout by using dagger.

They establish their village at the top of mountain because they can fight their enemy from the upper post. They use the sword, spear & cross-bow as a weapon.
For their marriage, the boy have to pay some Agricultural tools, Mythum, Buffalos for the reception as put up the properties. If they make elopment, they have to pay double as a fine.

I saw a strange thiging on htat land is their necklace is piece of enamenl ( oyster piece), can be found only at sea. They said that are their own old heritage. The believed that, their land have been under sea water.

In Naga festival, they use to hang the two buffalo head at the entrance. You can see their traditional dance & have Mythun meat, sticky rive with Kong wine ( intoxicated brow ). They use the straw of Arundo domax or bamboo cup.
Naga also have very interesting taboos & their ways of life. they are also very proud of themselves for pocessing their own culture. Besides these, they live very peacefully & honestly.

So, naga land is a place we should go and visit . Don't you think so?
We , SST Tourism can operate this interesting Naga Land.

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