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Food in Myanmar

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Myanmar Foods
Myanmar Foods
Tea Leaves
Aythaya Wine, Made in Myanmar
Fruits of Myanmar
Tea Leaves

La-phet( tea-leaves) is not only eaten as a snack, but also for the essential food at ceremonies. In the old days, court cases were finally settled when all participants shared some pickled tea. The softened 'Pickled' tea, or La-Phat, is considered the best of leaves. There is saying in Myanmar; “the best of meat is Pork; the best of fruits is Mango, and the best of leaves is tea.”
laphet The special Myanmar way of preparing tea leaves is to steam them after plucking, then pack them tightly in bamboo jars and bury them for about six month. This is the base method for a delicious product.
The food is not only essential in ceremonies but also plays an important role in social affairs, such as ' Kadaw-Pwe.” “Kadaw-Pwe is the serving of pickled tea in a special bowl surrounded by coconut, three green bananas, auspicious leaves and a small tea leaf wrapped with betel leaf. 'Kadaw-Pwe' means to present a gift and respect.
For the formal occasion of serving to monks or guest at a ceremonial, the pickled tea is steeped in oil and placed in a small pile on a plate. Piles of crisps fried beans, fried peanuts, fried garlic, roasted sesames seeds, whole or chopped fresh green chilies and some dry shrimp are presented around a pile of tea paste.
Myanmar people use both dry and wet tea leaves. The northern part of Shan State has been the biggest suppliers of the pickled tea market and is considered the producer of the finest quality pickled tea.
Women have an especially great fondness for it. It is often served between friends, mixed thoroughly in a large bowl with ripe red tomatoes. This is called pickled-tea salad and is best eaten with cold rice.
La-Phet is not only ceremonies for Myanmar, it is a symbol of communal closeness and plays an important role in Myanmar social affairs.

In Myanmar, there are many traditional snacks. “Mohingar” is the most popular snack among old and young alike and is favored throughout the whole country.
Mohingar Mohingar is served at special auspicious occasion and ceremonies such as marriage, novitiation, building a new house and many others. It is available at all time and every where.
Mohingar has a delicious taste and can be eaten or drunk. It contains both solids and gravy. It is a mixture of rice-noodles and gravy. The solid are made of rice like noodles. The gravy is made of rice powder, pea-powder, and peanut powder. Fish is essential for Monhinga gravy. It also contains several pieces of onion, garlic, lemon grass, ginger, chili, pepper and shrimp paste. And the banana trunk is served as an important ingredient in Monhingar. Monhingar is the favorite snack of the whole country, especially in the morning.

Fruits of Myanmar

Pear-shaped tropical fruit.
Mashed and sweetened, or whipped into a cool drink.

Varieties with different flavors and tastes. Widely get in the whole country.

Strong smell with flesh gold sweetness creamy. Most are produce from Mon State.

Huge, almost spherical with warily rind, it is one of the early monsoon fruits. Halve the fruit to rescue its many seeds each embedded in a yellow sheath and chew up the sweet and juicy sheaths.

Orange in Myanmar means the loose-skinned tangerine, larger than the tangerine of Europe. It is delicious and juicy very much preferred to the real oranges.

Taste being quite sweet and the flesh rich in Vitamin A and Calcium growing with local style that free from artifacts.

Plentiful in Myanmar. Sweet and juicy, local people like with a dash of honey and lime over it.

Big, smooth-skinned melon with juicy flesh, red inside and fresh the taste.


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