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Pagoda festival in Myanmar

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Famous Pagodas Festivals
Shwe set taw Pagoda festival (January) (Minbu, Magwe division)
This pagoda lies at the base of Yakhine Yoma Ranges and Man Chaung (stream ) flowing beside this, attracts nature lovers. This pagoda is famous because it has Buddha footprint. At festival days, the sandy bank is decorated with bamboo camps and shops which sell local products.
Ananda Pagoda festival (January) (Bagan, Mandalay division)

3. Shwezigon Pagoda festival (October) (Bagan, Mandalay division)
Pagoda festivals are held annually most of the bigger pagodas in the country. Festivals last about one week. Aim is to pray at the pagoda (or) to do merit, to trade, to shop, to eat and to joy. Some local people come by bullock carts, some by boats, then set up temporary stalls. They sell so many items, household utensils, Myanmar cosmetic, medicinal herbs, Myanmar foods. Entertainment halls show movie, drama, opera, till dark to dawn. After one festival, they move to another.
Kyaikhtiyo pagoda festival (November) (Kyaikhto, Mon State)  
Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda(Golden Rock Pagoda)

This pagoda is famous not wonder for enshrining Buddha's hair relic but for situated on wonder balanced rock and having scenic beauty. At festival time, visitors can choose route to pagoda between by bus ride or walk along upward slope. Shade from thick forest helps cool walk. There are many camps selling snacks, forest products for souvenir and medicinal herbs.
Taung Pyone Nat Festivals (August) (Mandalay) Nat Dance
This Nat (Spirit) festival is held to honor the Nats at that place. This area had been awarded to the Nats as a special province of their own by Myanmar Kings since Bagan dynasty in 11 Century. Many people come and pay homage with dances, music, food and drink. They pray what they want, they believe their wish will be fulfilled. Nat song and music is very fantastic, whoever heard this song, want to participate in their dance.
Kyauk Se Elephant dance Festival (October) (Mandalay) Elephant Dance
The main feature of this festival is elephant dance. Paper elephant is borne and animated by two men inside. Colorful pageantry life-size “White paper elephant” decked with regal trapping carries on its back a replica of an Arahat. Black elephant follows as finale of procession dance merrily with music.
Kachin Manaw Festival (January) (Myintkyina, Kachin State)
Kachin Manaw Festival
All Kachin clans will congregate to celebrate New Year. Festival is a show of gratitude to their ancestral spirits and their wish for a bright future. The festival is held at certain Manaw ground, decorated with traditional Manaw poles. Kachin tribes, who participate the festival, dance with their music in communal procession. Everybody can join in line behind them. After finishing the festival, some proceed to Myitson (the confluence) near Myitkyina, popular for scenic beauty.

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