Society for Sustainable Tourism

S.S.T Tourism is acting like the Society for Sustainable Tourism Development in Myanmar.

S.S.T Tourism define “Ecotourism” as a touring business which assist the development of indigenous community while preserving the heritage of mother nature, resources and cultures.

SST focus on Sustainable Ecotourism and introduce Protected Areas in Myanmar to not only foreigner tourists but also domestic travelers.

SST started to get public attention on ecotourism in 2001 by ecotour programs for domestics and ecotourism seminar for tour operators but seminar permission was done in 2002, International Year of Ecotourism(IYE).

We network with scientists, ecotourism colleagues, birders, tour organizers, and naturalists throughout the world in an exchange of information relevant to our cause. We attend conferences and seminars dealing with conservation and work closely with educators, forestry service personnel, scientists, and ordinary citizens in an attempt to formulate sensible, workable ecotourism programs. We stay in close harmony with hotel managers, landowners, and other persons upon whom we must rely for services to formulate and implement sound ecotourism facilities and practices. We Unite in Diversity for Synergy.

SST initiated Myanmar Bird and Nature Society, then the Environmental Awareness/Education Programs at the schools to get the public awareness on nature conservation.

Nowadays, Vision  of  S.S.T  Tourism is To become the unique ecotour operatorsince we realize that ecotourism is important component contributing to ecological sustainability. 

We are new at the stage of our mother country's sustainable development - improving and maintaining the well-being of people and ecosystems. Therefore, we, SST invite the professionals, ecotourism experts to work together with us for the last frontier of biodiversity reservoir in Asia. 

Come and join us at Society for Sustainable Tourism!

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