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Bird Guides Profiles for your birding tours

  1. Lay Win
Bird Guide Lay Win

Bird watching is the way of outlet for those who absorb their mind in job in the concrete jungle and who love to see the intact nature. Here, in Myanmar is one of the special places for birding among South-east Asia country.

I am one of the bird guides who can take you wherever you wish across the country. Bird research is become my professional inclination though I got my BA.Eco degree from East of Yangon University, Yangon. I have been earned my living as a culture tour guide from 2002 to 2008. The then-Biodiversity AndNature Conservation Association (BANCA) requested me as an ornithologist for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

I am involving in many bird status–surveys in the country and also population status and distribution of Spoon-billed Sandpiper Calidrispygmeus , population and distribution of Gurney’s Pitta Pittagurneyiin Tanintharyi (Tenasserim) Region and led the birding tours to Natmataung National Park (Mt.Victoria), Bagan region, Kalaw region, around Inlay lake and Yangon.

I become a permanent tour guide in SST Tourism after working as freelance. And the member of Myanmar Bird and Nature Society (MBNS), Biodiversity And Nature Conservation Association (BANCA) and Oriental Bird Club (OBC).

Don’t be hesitating to contact me as your partner or bird guide.

2. Htay Ngwe

Bird Guides profiles
Bird Guide Htay Ngwe

I’m Mr.Htay Ngwe who was born on 4th October 1986. I worked at Mountain Oasis Resort ,Kanpetlet in Chin State for ten years where Natmataung National Park situated .

            I loved nature and wildlife since I was young. I studied about orchids and birds as much as I can , as much as my ability at Mountain Oasis Resort at Kanpetlet Town where Natmataung National Park situated whenever I had free time even not fully understanding in those days. After I worked several years there I had a chance to approach and learn birding methods by the teaching of professional bird  guides. Sometimes I accompanied  birding with them.

             In September 2014, I attended bird guides training course  in Yangon.Then, I started to work at SST Tourism Company  in November 2014 and I had been accompanying four birding tours in that year. And, I had six different birding tours in 2015, seven birding tours in 2016 and nine different birding tours in 2017.  In 2018 and 2019, I served as a bird guide in Myanmar birding group tour from  Zoothera Birding Tour Company and BirdQuest Birding Tours Company.

              Out of birding tour season, I participate in every birding activities which hold by collaboration  with S.S.T Tourism and MBNS (Myanmar Bird and Nature Society) occasionally . Now, I’m still keep learning and keep trying in bird identification to be more proficient in my subject.

3. Myo Thant Tun

Bird Guide Myo Thant Tun

Mr. Myo Thant Tun is the professional tour guide as well asa bird guide since 2012 ,who has experienced in NGO’s bird conversation projectswith BANGA for birding survey on Critically Endangered Species; Spoon-billed Sandpiper at the Gulf of Mottama, FFI for birds and Critically Endangered Species ; Western Hoolock Gibbon survey at the Western Rakhine Mountain Range and WCS through the whole country. He started his career after he got the National Tour Guide Licensed from MOHT in 2012. He attended local Bird Guide Training No.1 in Yangon for two months training course by Myanmar Bird Nature and Society, cooperating with Darwin Initiative and Harrison Institute in 2014.He practised bird watching not only by attending many bird watching training courses in Bagan(2013) ,Inle Lake (5th Ramsar Site in Myanmar),but also solo bird watching trip around the country . He worked as an ornithologist in EIA project of MESC (Myanmar Environment Sustainable Conservation) atSagaing Region in 2017. He was born in Magway Region and his home town is near Rakhine and Chin Plaques.He studied B.A(English) form Dagon University and since then he worked as interpreter ,translator ,outbound and inbound tour leader in Yangon. Nowadays based on his birding experiences for many years, he has been leading many birding tour groups around Myanmar and working in EIA /SIA projects.He is trying to be an ornithologist and studying hard now. His aiming is to raise his home town to become an eco-tourism site ,by raising and doing knowledge implementation to local dwellers in the future.

4. Mai Mingalar Lay

Bird Guide Mai Mingalarlay

  I am a bird guide at SST Tourism Co.,Ltd. Since 2015, I Started bird watching training at the best birding spot in Myanmar; Hlawga Wildlife Park, Inle Lake, Kalaw, Bagan and Mt. Vitoria(Namataung). I can guide for bird watching throughout Myanmar and had led birding tours and took part survey of Raptor Watch for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), in central Myanmar in 2018. I am a member of Biodiversity And Nature Conservation Association (BANCA). And participating programs led by Myanmar Bird And Nature Society ( MBNS ) and Biodiversity And Nature Conservation Association ( BANCA ) : monthly Birding Activity, Asian Waterbirds Census, Surveys and Seminars.

I am always ready for guiding to Birding Sites.

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