Sarus Crane

Sarus Crane Bird Watching Ayeyarwady

Sarus Crane bird watching to Ayeyarwady in July 2019 again. We are happy to announce that  Birding Activity & Responsible Tourism to Ayeyarwady region  -02  will be launched collaborated by  S.S.T Tourism Co.,Ltd and MBNS(Myanmar Birds and Nature Society) on 27 July 2019. We are welcome to Read More

Bird Watching in Hlawgar Wildlife Park

Birding Activity at Hlawgar

Birding activity No.11 to Hlawgar Wildlife Park on 29th June 2019( Saturday). We are happy to announce that birding activity No.11 will be launched collaborated by S.S.T Tourism Co.,Ltd and MBNS(Myanmar Bird and Nature Society). We are welcome to this Read More