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Mangoes(Great fruits of Myanmar)

•  Go Mango! The fruit of the mangifera indicia appears unpromising in dictionary language ‘ a fleshy drupe, having in the wild state a turpentine flavor'. Yet it comes highly recommended.Mangoes with fish  ‘Pork for meat, mango for fruit, tea for leaf'. So the Myanmar adage goes.

•  Some scholars quibble. They say the original dictum is that of a king of Varanasi who dictum said it in praise of Kalidasa, poet and playwright supereme: Among meat, it is pork; among fruits the mango; and among wise men, Kalidasa!

•  The mango as top fruit competitively with Dureans, mangos-teens, rambutans, pomelos, Jack fruits, sweet sops, persimmans, lychee

The mango tops them all.

•  The mango comes to the Myanmar table in several guises. Green, it is tasty accompaniment to the ngapi-daung, the shrimp paste condiment for which every household seems to have its own special recipe.

•  The green mango also appears on the table as mango salad. The mango is Chopped with a knife into fire silvers. Which are then made into a salad with powdered dried shrimp, a tad of shrimp paste.

•  A slow change brings the salted mango. Preserved in brine in Large glazed jars, it becomes a fruit for all –seasons. A variation is the podee, the green fruit sliced slantwise thinly, its shape still preserved, before being put into the brine. The podee is served with a garnish of sesamum seeds and fried onion slices.

•  But it is not the green or the salted mango which has earned the mango its reputation of top fruit. The real aplendour of the mango is revealed in the ripe mango. It comes to the Myanmar table fresh, as dessert fruit, the perfect end to a satisfying meal. Without standardization of Mango Pickle making together with Onion and Chile homogenization for mangoes is great. Varies of size, shape, texture, colour and aroma. And of course a variety of taste, Sweetness defined in several different ways, with sometimes a slight touch of the sours.
A variety of names also Mya Kyauk ‘Emerald Stone' is with very good taste and aroma. Other varieties of mangoes named Ma Chit Su, Seinmyatkone, Aung Din, Byoke, Yin Kwe are also popular mangoes in Myanmar .
Yes, let's have tasted and enjoyed the great fruit.

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