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Myanmar Products
Traditional Shampoo

It is no accident that Myanmar women have thick, glossy hair. They keep it that way with traditional shampoo known as Ta-Yaw-Kin-Punn. It is a shampoo made by mixing pounded Ta-Yaw sticks and boiled Kin-Punn (soapacacia acacia concina). When used regularly, traditional shampoo keeps hair dark and soft. It is also used to cleanse the house to rid it of evil and bad spirits.

Myanmar Bamboo

There are over 200 kinds of Myanmar Bamboo. Villagers rely on bamboo for house pole, cross beam, partition and floor. Some houses in villagesMyanmar Bamboo are made of bamboo as a whole. It is also used to construct fences to protect property and hold livestock. Bamboo utensils such as flat wooden ladle, blow piper basket, hat, and tray are also common in Myanmar households. Some lacquer ware has bamboo for a base. It is the raw material for making paper, and bamboo plants decorate gardens. Myanmar people make bamboo toys as presents. In Pathein Township, Ayeyarwaddy Division there are umbrella workshops with ribs and handles of the umbrellas made of bamboo. These are very famous traditional products and even many foreigners cherish these umbrellas and buy them.
City dwellers like to relax in bamboo houses near beaches or forests. Foot bridges, carts and many other useful products are constructed of bamboo. Clappers and xylophones are among musical instruments made of bamboo. Uses of bamboo by Myanmar people are countless. It is an essential part of their daily lives.

Myanmar Cigar
Cheroot product in Myanmar home industryMyanmar use to smoke it can freshen the mouth for its fragrance & sweet taste. Mild tobacco cigar can't harass to health. They pluck Tha-nat (leaf) of, the sebesten tree, dried & flattened to wrap & roll. Filter, a small roll of dry corn husks. Inside mixture of chopped soft stalk of tobacco leaf. Cigars are used take away gifts for guest at ceremonies. Cheroot industry is quite a big one & growing these leaf plantation is cause main cultivation. You can study the making process at central Myanmar eg. Bago & Shan state.

Myanmar is famous with the mineral resources Ruby land at Mogoke, Jade mine at Phakant Kachin state are world famous side of Gem. High beautiful jewelleryquality precious and semi-precious sliver are set in gold, platinum or any other suitable metal and made into exquisite jewelry to adorn and enhance feminine beauty. Myanmar owned 21045 carat, ruby the largest in the world.

Silver ware

Myanmar Silver wareMyanmar have long history to use the silver ware sinceMyanmar Silver ware 15 sanctuary. Silver smith is one kind of Myanmar 10 kinds of flower arts, silver bowl is famous for the wedding ceremony. The other fine products such as bracelet, necklace and rings are also use as ornaments.

Myanmar traditional dress

You will notice that most of Myanmar were and woman are dressed with her Silk name Lunyarkyaw Cheiktraditional longgyi and Taik pon (coat for man ). For the former national dress is include the Myanmar Taik pon for man and shovel for woman. A Cheik Longyi made of silk is the famous dress for wedding and former ceremonial occasion .
Tribal people are also they dressed their colorful traditional dress respectively you can see their traditional dress at their new year ceremony.

Shan Bag

Convenience and easy to carry things by Shan bag. School boys and girls, teachers, monk and laymen are used Shan bag as daily use varieties of design and colors are produced for the pubis. Typical tribal Shan Bag are used at their region.

Wood Carving

Wood CarvingWood carving traditional is related with Myanmar cultural of Jataka (Buddhist historical life). The Myanmar floral design is the base potential for wood carving practices. Woman figures, animal figures and floral design are the most famous in Myanmar wood carving. Shwe Kyaung Daw at Mandalay and Salay yokesone Kyaung near Bagan are the most famous for wood carving.You can find the modern wood carving shape in Yangon and Mandalay.

Lacquer ware
Lacquware processing in Bagan Lacquware,making from bamboo

We have long history for lacquer ware products started from Bagan diversity to present five on lacquerware products.
At present Bagan area is the most famous products sites of Myanmar traditional rice bowl lacquerware products are also famous at Kyauk Kha village near Monywa, Sagaing division and Shan lacqurware products such as meal table soup bowl are in Shan state.


Myanmar Products
Traditional Shampoo
Myanmar Bamboo
Tha Na Ka
Toddy Palm
Myanmar Cigar
Silver ware

Myanmar Traditional Medicine
(Myanmar Herbs)

wood carving
Shan bag


Arts & Crafts of Myanmar
Gold leaf
Myanmar Harp
Tringular Gong
Myanmar Knife
Myanmar Toys
Cane Ware
Myanmar Cart
Lotus Robe
Colorful Parasols


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