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Yangon- Myitkyina- Yangon

This itinerary is touring around the Kachin State, nouthern Part of Myanmar to see Kachin tribes especially Jingpaw, Lisu, Ra-wun.
Lisu girl

Day (1) Arrive Yangon , Myanmar
Day (2) Fly to Myitkyina,nouthern Part of Myanmar and overnight stay at Hotel.
Day (3) Sightseeing around Myitkyina and overnight stay there.
Day (4) Sight seeing around Myitkyina.
Day (5) Fly to Yangon.

Nib-This itinerary is subjected to change because of the Flight time.

Adventure Tours

HkakaboraziI am very interested in adventure tour, I had experienced adventure tour in western countries. As I am a good mountaineer, I decided to trekking in Myanmar Land of incredible natural beauty and have gracious people. With the help of S.S.T Tourism, I was able to explore unique examples of biological diversity from an adventurous perspective. "HKAKABORAZI", snow capped mountains, located nothern edge of Myanmar, Naung Mon town, Putao district on Kachin family Kachin State. That moutain is ice-berg and can go there during Rainy season. The highest peak is "19296 ft" high. Our trip is 15 days to reach the base because we would like to camp along the Kachin Villages . We flied to Putao and stayed at "HKAKABORAZI" lodge. On 3rd day, we reached Alanka Village. We had dinner at the chief 's house. The food was quite good. Our Myanmar operators enjoyed that food but we had ready-made food that we brought from City. Along the hillside we passed more than 15 villages. Although felt exhaustion, the hauntingly beautiful orchids, some herbs, which have medical properties gave us pleasure. We had to Climb that the base of the mountain with great effort. Kachin Village

On 15th day, we reached "KAYWAI" village. These villages are kachin villages and sometimes we had difficulties to get meat.

Our porters bought one pig and chickens from the villages. The strange thing was they didn't weigh that chicken and pig. No matter how big or small we had to pay same prices. Sometimes we got green vegetables," broccoli". We passed monasteries and stupas. I noticed that next time, I should bring medicine more than requires. Because of foggy & snow flake, some of the colleague took strong alcohol. To reach the base of mountain lasts15 days. Only tractors can go along the narrow dense forest. So, we drived carefully. When we reached at the base of mountain, our colleagues would be back and waited for us from the village. My friend, a French mountaineer and I only continued to climb the highest mountain. May be 2 or 3 months, I had to endeavor to challenge the strong snow-capped mountain. But I believed one day, that mountain would be under my sole.

Business Tours

Business Men There are many opportunities for the investment in developing golf courses, beach resorts, tour site village condominium, garment factory, agricultural.

Myanmar has many diverse attractions, so it is an ideal place for foreign investors. The areas of investment are available for mutual co-operation. Foreign investors are welcome to submit proposals for activities under the union of Myanmar Foreign Investment.

The government and local investors establish industrial zones near Yangon and in other cities. There are many investment area either land or factory. Around Yangon, there are many factories as well as garment factory, Beer Factory, Cigarette factory. And the other sectors you can invest are in agricultural products, pharmaceutical factory, Hotel Investment. So, if you want to get information, please contact with "S.S.T". We, S.S.T always offer supreme services to you and arrange the best trip for you.

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